Dog Walker’s Tool Vest

The Dog Walker’s Tool Vest is an innovative idea for a product that will transform the dog walking experience, making it more enjoyable for dog walkers and dog trainers to spend quality time with their pets.  You can equip your vest with items like a dog waste bag canister with recyclable waste bags, dog repellent spray, a portable dog water bottle, cell phone, cash and ID, house key, and even dog treats. 
It will pack safety, comfort and convenience into one unique lightweight garment, allowing freedom of movement while carrying everything you need.

Dog Walker’s Tool Vest.
Packs Safety, Comfort and Convenience.

Stylish and sporty, the vest features several reflective strips for early morning and late night walks.  It has 13 custom-sized pockets sealed with zippers and Velcro to easily hold the essentials you and your dog need.  Dog walkers slip on the vest ready-equipped for routine dog walks and other dog outings.

Whether you’re setting out for the great outdoors or just a trip around the block, the Dog Walker’s Tool Vest is your hassle free, hands free solution for safe, convenient, fun outings for you and your dog.

Dog Walker’s Tool Vest.
Packs Safety, Comfort and Convenience.

Our revolutionary dog walker’s tool vest with accessories fulfill every need you and your dog could have while out and about.  You can bring as much or as little as you like, depending on the length and scope of your outing. No more fumbling, juggling, toting or hauling.  Each item can be securely clipped on or zippered into vest pockets for a totally care free, hands free dog walking adventure.

As an essential companion to our Dog Walker’s Tool Vest, the Dog Walker’s Tool Kit (sold separately) includes necessary items like a poop bag canister with eco-friendly poop bags, Muzzle dog repellent spray, portable dog water bottle, and more.

Dog Walker’s Tool Vest Features & Benefits:

  • Custom designed vest, all-in-one, light-weight, machine-washable material.
  • Designed for men and women, striking a perfect balance of style, function and form.
  • Features a total of 13 custom-sized pockets and compartments sealed with zippers and Velcro; 3 pockets feature hook clips; 2 mesh pockets designed to carry dog water bottle and water bottle for dog walker.
  • Perfect to wear in warm weather, or easy to slip on over winter coat in cold weather.
  • Invaluable asset for those who make movement a lifestyle.
  • Carries every dog walking tool needed for dog walks or other dog outings (i.e., poop bags, dog water bottle, dog treat, dog safety repellent, etc.), as well as to carry personal dog walker items (i.e., cell phone, house key, ID card, water bottle, hand wipes, etc.).
  • In comparison to retail stores carrying pocketed fishing or hunting outdoor vests they market as dog walker vests, our Dog Walking Tool Vest is designed uniquely for dog walkers as it is much less bulky, more practical and affordable.
  • Great for every pet care provider to keep their most needed items with them at all times.
  • Makes walking with multiple dogs safer, easier and more convenient.
  • No more forgetting vital things in your car, at your office, or at your client’s house – they’ll be with you at all times.
  • Demonstrate to your clients that you maintain a high level of quality, care, professionalism and preparedness.

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