Dog Walkers DIG the EZ Dog Walker’s Vest to carry everything hands-free!

Dog owners, dog walkers and dog trainers love wearing the versatile EZ Dog Walker’s Vest from the Dog Walker Shop.  Here’s why:


Because now there’s a versatile and practical solution to make dog walking more enjoyable and hassle-free for everyone who loves and cares for dogs.

After custom designing the vest with extensive input from dog-care professionals, you can now take advantage of a carefully crafted, unique dog walking garment that will help make dog walking easier and more convenient.  


All Vest sizes are currently ON SALE for only $35 (regular price $45).

Prior to wearing the vest, it was difficult to hold everything — dog waste bags, treats, water bottles, hand wipes, I.D., cell phone, business cards, etc.

So our experienced team designed the vest with enough pockets and a variety of pocket sizes to ensure you have room to comfortably carry everything for dog walks. The super functional Vests are also perfect for walkers, hikers and bicycle riders.  And they make a great staple for animal shelters to hand out to dog-walking volunteers.

The vest is sporty, durable and features several reflective strips on the front and back.  The vest comes in black or red (with our logo imprinted on the back of the neckline).

As a bonus, professional dog walkers and trainers can use the vest as a walking advertisement.  It’s a great way to strike up a conversation with neighbors or clients, pass along your business cards and generate new business opportunities.   There’s even room to print your company logo on the back (or front) of the vest if you choose to personalize and promote your business.

It’s so easy to place your order now.  Simply go to the Order Today tab. 


“We got to try out this new product on a recent Dog Walking Academy field trip. Nice. Whether you’re a dog walker, trainer, work a daycare floor, or just walk your own dogs, give this vest a look. It’s got room for everything. Seriously, everything. There are enough zipper and Velcro pockets and hooks and carabiners and loops to bring anything you might need—water bottles and bowls, treats, leashes, clickers, poop bags, safety stuff, cell phone, etc.—and probably the proverbial kitchen sink, too. Comes in uni-sex sizes small to extra-large, black or red, with reflective safety strips.”
– Veronica with dog*biz Dog Walking Academy
For more information, visit Veronica at:


 “Thanks so for the super-fast shipping! I love the quality and there are definitely pockets for everything. I appreciate the clips, the reflective tape, and all of the great attention to detail. I’ve been searching and while there are other field vests out there, it is very obvious this vest was created by and for dog-walkers/trainers/hikers! I’ve already put it into use. Perfect size to wear over a t-shirt in summer or over a heavy coat in winter. Thanks, Dog-Walker!”
– Analisa, Brave Heart Animal Care


“I got the vest today. I love it! It is exactly what I wanted.  I was contemplating designing my own and sewing a vest for myself, but I decided to look at some images online for ideas in my design. I was so happy that I quickly found exactly what I had in mind, all ready to go, for a very affordable price. I received it in just a couple of days. I’m sure I couldn’t have made this vest on my own for what I paid for it and it would have probably taken me a month to do it.  Thanks again.”
– Paula B. – Midland, MI


“I’m really enjoying my new Dog Walker’s Tool Vest. It has plenty of pockets for carrying my cell phone, camera, poop bags, treats and anything else that you need. It’s not heavy so its perfect for the fall but can also be layered over heavier clothes. It also has a spot for water bottles in the back and the ability to clip something to it as well, love this vest!”

– Kim L. , Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

“I have been using this vest daily since I received it.  It lives up to how it was described.  This vest has plenty of pockets for K-9 & people gear – is lightweight & comfortable. The seller acknowledged my order by email immediately. It arrived on time & was packaged well. Was previously using a fly fishing vest but it cut into the back of my neck due to weight of our gear. EZ vest far out-performs! Designed for the dog walker’s comfort. Thank you for this 5-star product and excellent service.”

– Mary F. – Vancouver, WA

Don’t forget to check out our “Testimonials Tab” for even more good news!

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